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Should I become an Airbnb host?

Airbnb and other short-term property rental platforms allow individual homeowners and real estate developers to profit from the lucrative hospitality industry. But what does listing your rental property on Airbnb entail? Is it simple, risky, profitable, and legal to own or run an Airbnb? Let's explore.

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What exactly is a Short-Term Rental?

A Short-Term Rental (STR) is when a home or a portion of its living space is rented to a guest for less than one month. Short-term rentals and "vacation rentals" are sometimes used interchangeably, and they have become a popular alternative to hotels as well as an alternative rental income solution for homeowners.

When done correctly, short-term rentals offer more than just lodging; they offer travelers a fresh cultural experience and provide locals an opportunity to earn money by hosting guests. However, renting out your home can be a hassle at times.

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What's my home worth?
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What exactly does an Airbnb Host do?

While operating a home as a Short Term Rental can typically generate more income than long-term rentals, certain things must be done effectively to maximize earnings. Great Villas offer all these services to our hosts while earning them more money than they would otherwise.

A typical short-term rental host, for example, must create a listing, update the booking calendar and its pricing, manage the reservations, communicate with guests, prepare the space and welcome guests in person, assist guests during their stay, request reviews, coordinate cleaning and maintenance, and work with an STR support when issues arise.

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Guest Screening

You won't have to worry about bad guests because we have a team of professionals who will find your ideal guest profile.

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To achieve exceptionally accurate pricing, we used a variety of trusted data sources, including our own historical numbers.

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We have in-house cleaning professionals who can look after your home and keep it in good shape at all times.

High Level of Hospitality

Make Yourself a Superhost

We can ensure that your short-term rental stands out from the market by consistently having positive reviews and providing memorable guest experiences. When guests discover Great Villas as your property manager, they would never have a second thought since our name provides an added degree of trust and credibility to you and your listing.

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